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New coach hoping to ace first season



  Pinewood’s fall sports season has seen many changes, such as the arrival of several new student athletes and the remodeled football field, but one of the most prominent new additions to the community is the new varsity volleyball coach:
Amber Biddle.

   Biddle, whose volleyball career began in eighth grade, played right side/opposite hitter for San Jose State University, and is going into her 11th year of coaching
club volleyball.

   With a vast amount of experience both playing and coaching volleyball, Biddle was the ideal candidate for the recently opened varsity coach position, but it turns out that it was actually the players who
recruited her for the job. After being asked by several varsity girls to coach at
Pinewood, Biddle contacted athletic director Matt Stimson and soon became a member of the Pinewood community.

   “I see great energy from [Biddle],” Stimson said. “I see a positive attitude, [and] I see all the players having fun… I haven’t seen that in a few years.”

   In the midst of their pre-season, Biddle and her team have begun to develop their expectations for how they will do
in league.

   “I sort of feel like I am walking into this season a bit blind, not really knowing where we stand,” Biddle said, who believes that although there is a wide variety of volleyball experience on the team, they can potentially go very far in
the league.

   “It would be nice to be in the [Central Coast Section] finals,” senior Mehra den Braven said, who is beginning her fourth and final year of high school volleyball. After losing in the CCS semi-finals two years in a row, the varsity girls are eager to fight their way to the championships.

   “I think if everyone follows [Biddle’s] instructions and her guidance, then we can get there,” den Braven said.­­

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