The new clubs at Pinewood have provided extensive opportunities for students to fulfill their passions and quench
for knowledge.

   Book Club, started by sophomores Zarin Mohsenin and Catherine Yoon and supervised by English teacher Sabrina Strand, is one of the new clubs.

   Book clubs in general are not a new idea, but Mohsenin thought they should bring one to Pinewood.

   “We just thought it would be fun to start a club, and we decided that books are something that we both really love,”
Mohsenin said.

   The club meets on Fridays and their first meeting was on Oct. 17, where the 10 members gathered in a classroom and shared their favorite books with everyone.   

   “Book club is something that is going to be a relaxed and fun way for you to read books and talk to others while enjoying food,” Mohsenin said.

   Technology Club was founded by sophomore Nikita Takru and is overseen by English teacher Rob Morrill and new computer science teacher Haggai Mark. Seniors Juka Kim and Austin Liang are the treasurer and marketing
coordinator, respectively.

   Kim takes care of the club finances, while Liang coordinates activities and helps out Takru with the planning.

   “It’s exciting to be apart of something that is just getting off the ground and could really impact the people who are in the club and in the wider community,”
Morrill said.

   Takru first came up with the idea because she was interested in learning JavaScript. She encourages everyone to join to meet new people and broaden their knowledge
of programming.

  “Technology Club is all about a way for people to connect through the use of technology and also programming for students who are interested,” Takru said.

    JSA, which stands for Junior States of America, is another new club at Pinewood. It is a political debate organization started by juniors George Shi and Raika Kim and supervised by history teacher Bonnie Traymore. There are 17 committed members so far.   

If you are interested in politics, or just want to put it on your college applications, JSA is the perfect club for you. “JSA is affiliated with colleges such as Princeton, Yale, Georgetown, and Stanford,” Shi said.

   Junior States of America is the largest student run organization in America that originated in Los Gatos 80 years ago. “It’s fun being able to manage a club by ourselves because JSA is all about students organizing everything,” Kim said.