Netting a New Coach



   Junior varsity volleyball coach Niki Maser recently replaced varsity coach Michael Shorts in the middle of the season.

   Assistant Athletic Director Sam Stewart confirmed that Shorts, who was the varsity coach for three years, left abruptly on Oct. 23, but did not elaborate further.

   Despite the sudden promotion, Maser is taking everything in stride.

   “I’m excited! We have a couple more weeks in the season, and then we can go to playoffs. We have a strong team, and I’m excited to be a part of it,” Maser said.

   Maser will continue to be the head coach for both the varsity and the junior varsity teams. To balance this, both teams will practice together on a regular basis.

   Response to Maser has generally been positive among the players.

   “I didn’t really enjoy playing for Michael when he was the coach, so I’m glad that now we have a new coach who’s more encouraging and who I enjoy playing for more,” freshman Becca Riches said.

   This positive attitude is at least in part due to Maser’s extensive volleyball experience; she played volleyball at Clemson Univesity for four years.

   “I’m excited to work with Niki since she played college volleyball, and I really think she could help me improve my skill set,” varsity captain Tehmi den Braven said.