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Netflix and Homework


   Your essay is due tomorrow and… wait, is that the sun? Black and blue bags hang under your eyes and it’s a struggle just to keep awake. Even the darkness seems bright after watching a lit up screen for too long. No energy drink or caffeinated beverage can help you now, but you’re only halfway done. You feel your eyelids drooping, but there’s nothing you can do. Then, bam! Lights out.

    Do you ever find yourself in situations similar to this? Those of you who do, you’re not the only one. Teenagers all over America are experiencing the same plight, but what are they losing sleep for? Netflix and Youtube.

  To some, it may seem ridiculous, but unfortunately, these things do happen. Students feel like they have enough time to finish one show or a few videos before continuing with homework, but this leads to a chain of clips that eventually becomes so long that they can’t seem to escape.

   With every new episode comes the suggestions for what to watch next and advertisements for apps and companies. I know I’m not the only one thinking this when I say that whoever created those eye-catching ads is surely doing their job right. The mesmerizing icons and short sayings drill into your head and persistently beg you to give it just one little click, and of course, you fall for the trick. This is where most of us, including me, make our mistake and fall for the trap.

    A few months ago, I entered a fierce one-on-one battle with the unlimited online video and TV source. Netflix became a priority and homework was downgraded. Aided by the fact that nobody likes homework already, Netflix had the upper hand in the battle. After binge watching show after show, I was forced to read the ending of the series to reduce my attraction to the shows.

   Netflix and Youtube, due to their large variety of shows and channels, appeal to a great audience and viewers. Instead of completing homework and studying, people are falling prey to their alluring characteristics. To prevent finding yourself late at night with no homework completed and a season of “Friends” watched, set reminders in advance and rules which you will follow to help to win the war against the endless stream of shows available at all times on Netflix. .ar.

   I have decided to be the assistant coach for the JV girls basketball team since I want to stay involved as much as I can, but I will definitely miss playing on the court. Hopefully, Pinewood overrules this rule in the near future so other passionate seniors won’t be barred from playing their favorite sport in their last year as a high school student.