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   Five years ago, if someone said the word “nectar” on the Pinewood campus people would immediately think about bees and flowers. Now the word has taken a new meaning for students. The Nékter Juice Bar, with locations in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, has become a popular place for students to find a healthy but delicious snack that rejuvenates them for a hard working day as a high school student.

   Nékter specializes in their daily juice cleanse, where all you ingest throughout the day is the special juices they provide. The juices are supposed to “cleanse” and purify your body so that you feel healthier and cleaner to go about the day. However, most students prefer Nékter’s smoothies, fruit juices, and bowls to the juice cleanses.

   “Nékter is so good. The honey and granola and everything about it makes it so tasty. Especially with the fresh fruits they make it with. My favorite are the bowls, especially the Acai Banana Berry Bowl,” senior Eri Yoshimoto said.

   Nékter’s juices and smoothies contain a variety of fruits and vegetables such as ginger, kale, lemon, apple, spinach, and dates. Although sometimes the combination of fruits and vegetables may sound peculiar, students have found that the mixtures make for a delectable treat.

   “I love Nékter. I feel like I just want to go there all the time. The only problem is it takes a long time because everything is made fresh but it’s still well worth the wait,” junior Maddie Wheatley said.

   The smell of fresh fruits, combined with the view of fake fruits and vegetables hanging on the walls has got students in a frenzy. The hype about Nékter is spreading like wild fire, so much so that students are abandoning places they have gone to and enjoyed for years, like Jamba Juice.

   “When I first tried Nékter I said to myself, ‘Wow this stuff is really good, I think it’s even better than Jamba Juice,’” sophomore Alex Banning said.

   While some students are so obsessed with the new juice bar they want to be there all day every day, there are others who find it overrated and not worth the hype, especially compared to the drinks they’ve been having for years.

   “I like Nékter, and I think it’s really good. However I still like T-Pumps better because it’s cheaper and tastier. They’re really different so maybe it’s not fair to compare the two but I still would take T-Pumps over Nékter,” senior Carson
Robinette said.