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My Farewell: George Shi Looks Back on Four Years



Four years can seem like a long time, but high school goes by faster than one expects. When I first started high school in 2012 I was unsure what my experience would be like, but as I grew older, I learned more about myself.

High school was truly a period of self discovery and self improvement for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself: specifically, what I’m good at and what I struggle with. I found that it was best to take as many classes as you can because it helps discover potential.

I realized that I work best with abstract concepts and that I like to stimulate my imagination — partly why I want to pursue a career in engineering, and specifically energy consumption.

Had someone asked what I wanted to do when I first started high school, I would have said that I had no idea. However, by taking more classes that were sometimes outside of my comfort zone, I was able to expand my horizons while simultaneously narrowing down my choices.

Still, many of my classmates are not as sure as I am, and that’s fine; they have yet to come across something that really resonates with them, but they’ll find that something. Because college lies after high school, students can have new experiences within
their fields.

Looking back at my four years, I might not remember how hard certain classes were or how much I loved a certain teacher. But one thing that I will always remember, is the friends that I made over the years. Between sports, classes, dances, and school trips, my classmates and I have made so many memories together.

One of my favorite things about Pinewood is the close-knit community, and how everyone is so friendly, no matter what grade they are in. I love always seeing smiles around campus everyday. I hope I find a group like Pinewood in college, and I know I’ll miss everyone in my grade.

Even though I think that I know what I want to do in the future, I am still growing and I can change my desires.

Another important aspect of high school is self improvement. High school wouldn’t have been as hard if I took only the required classes, but I found that taking optional classes gave me a better understanding of the world. I took at least two electives — sometimes three — semester to supplement my classes. Though I don’t think that I would want to major in some of those fields, the classes taught me more about confidence (debate), intuition (technical theater), and creativity (journalism). Most classes adhere to a rigid schedule, but electives lend themselves to experimentation.

Pinewood has taught me a lot about myself and inspired me to pursue my passions. Words cannot describe the melancholy I feel by leaving this campus and the friends I made through high school. But I’ll carry the things I’ve learned and the memories I’ve made throughout my life.