Arts and Culture

Mural, Mural on the Wall

By Sophia Cheng


Students who were here last semester may have noticed a change in an Upper Campus landmark: the new mural that was painted on the wall outside the Epicurean hot lunch shack. This mural showcases train tracks coiling around a couple of floating islands in the sky with some bright, colorful balloons that give an airy, light feel.

Three of Pinewood’s experienced AP art students, seniors Olivia Page, Reilly Brady, and Katherine Chui, were the main content creators for this mural. Senior Olivia Page was one of these three students heavily involved in the project.

“All of us wanted to create something more surreal and abstract. We had our whole class brainstorm some ideas. Originally, we had a tunnel, and then we thought of the idea of the train and the railway tracks and the floating balloons. . . It is honestly just a process of trial and error,” Page said. 

Senior Reilly Brady also contributed to the painting and creation of the mural.

“We definitely wanted to paint something involving perspective. . . It took a few class periods and a couple of different drafts to decide on the design. . . . [but] we ultimately chose the train track design because of the perspective element and the fun, bright colors. There is not a particular significance behind the mural, but we wanted to paint something cheerful and happy rather than something dark,” Brady said.

Chui was also instrumental in planning and painting the mural.

“I think the hardest part was figuring out how to draw on such a large scale because you cannot really step back and look at the whole thing at once…that part took about three days,” Chui said.

  Brady agreed that one of the main challenges was figuring out how to paint on such a massive canvas.

“Working on a large scale was very difficult as we were all used to working on smaller canvases. Additionally, using the thicker wall paint took some getting used to. In terms of preparing for the mural, trying to sketch an initial image was difficult because of the tricky perspective of the train tracks on a large scale,” Brady said.

When questioned about the mediums used to paint the mural, Chui said that the trio used some heavy duty paint from theatre teacher Doug Eivers.

Student at Pinewood have a variety of talents, especially in the arts. This mural is the latest showcase.