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More Than Meets the Eivers


   You may not remember the entire first day of school, but one unforgettable moment was the performance put on by drama teacher Doug Eivers. During the morning assembly, Eivers snatched the microphone from Principal Mark Gardner and began to sing “Do You Hear the People Sing” from musical “Les Miserables”. As a result, students and faculty alike cracked up to Eivers’ antics and game of keep-away
from Gardner.

   This was not the first time Eivers won the attention of the whole student body. Whether you simply hear his zany announcements over the speaker system or work closely with him in the theatre tech class, Eivers entertains students everyday.

   Since Eivers’ arrival at Pinewood 15 years ago, he has overseen all of the technical and staging aspects of the theater department.

   “I’ve worked on, about… 80 plays, I think. The Sound of Music, Xanadu, and Snoopy have all stood out,”
Eivers said.

   The first thing any audience member notices when they walk into the dimly lit theater is the quality of the set, one of Eivers’ many contributions to the
Pinewood Performing Arts department. It’s easy to forget the work Eivers does, in part because it’s his job. He creates a world that absorbs audiences for two to three hours where audience members forget they are even watching a play. Eivers enjoys his work, he says, because, although it can be tiring, it’s always new.

   “I really enjoy all of the activities at Pinewood. Joining in on them is also a lot of fun. That being said, I have my plate full with all the shows we put on,”
Eivers said.

   Staging plays in such a tight space is no small feat. His title is Technical Director, but Eivers has come to
represent so much more than just his work on the sets of Pinewood plays.

   In addition to building sets, Eivers likes teaching actors and working with the Williams family. He compares his relationship with Spencer Williams to that of the step brothers in the movie, ‘Step Brothers’. In the movie, two men open an entertainment company. They became an apt and oddly fitting comparison just like the Eivers and Williams duo.

   “I love to see how he transforms the stage with each show,” Williams said.

   Nevertheless, being part of the Pinewood Performing Arts trio does have its setbacks.

   “I don’t act in plays outside of Pinewood. I would like to, but I have no time,” Eivers said.

   However, he didn’t deny the possibility of a Wolverine cameo in a future Pinewood Performing Arts play, though he said that he identified instead as Joe Pesci from “Goodfellas.”

   “I can definitely see Mr. Eivers as Wolverine,” sophomore and “Almost, Maine” actor Chris Burton said. “He certainly has the facial hair for it.”

   No matter what the future holds, Eivers has certainly made the Pinewood community laugh and smile with his frequently absurd and always comical announcements and performances.

   “There has never been a bad moment,” Eivers said. “I loved going to the Vatican; that was a really great trip. I can’t think of a time when I wasn’t enjoying myself, though. I’ve loved all the relationships I’ve made with the people I’ve met.”