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Megan Chou: Division 1 Commit

By Kiana Duggal


Photo By Saavri Biswal

  As some may know, Pinewood has a very committed golfer roaming its halls everyday. Senior Megan Chou has committed to Southern Methodist University in Dallas to play Division 1 golf. Chou said she has been playing golf for a long time and instantly fell in love with the sport. 

   “I started taking lessons when I was around five and started to play in tournaments around 11. After my first tournament, I fell in love with how I was able to see myself improve every round I played. This sport is able to challenge me in many ways that I never would have thought was possible and that is one of the many reasons I enjoy golf,” Chou said.

 Playing golf is not unique to just her; the sport plays a large role in the lives of the rest of her family.

   “Golf has always been a part of my family. My mom plays it, my brother plays, and my grandparents on both sides also played,” Chou said. 

   Getting into golf didn’t take long and choosing a college wasn’t too hard either, Chou noted. While Chou got accepted into other colleges, she chose SMU for a few reasons.

lll“I have always known I wanted to go 

to a small college. Pinewood is a small and tight-knit community that is very spirited and supportive of each other. I wanted to find that in

a college,” Chou said.

   In addition to the close-knit environment Chou looked for in schools, she said she also chose SMU because of its women’s golf program.

“Friends I have that go or went to SMU introduced me to the girls golf team and to the coaches, and I instantly fell in love. The golf course that they play, the facilities they have, and the spirit of the team is what drew me in,” Chou said.

Unlike some sports in which you may not have to practice very often every week, golf requires dedication and focus. Chou practices for a couple hours after school, and she often has tournaments on the weekends that can take all day, she noted. 

Chou has found a routine that works for her no matter how busy her schedule. She makes sure to save time for homework and manages to find time to hang out with friends to make the most of her time with them since it is her last year of high school, she said. 

While there are many reasons Chou loves golf, the biggest reason has to do with improving. 

“My favorite part of golf is how it makes you push yourself to become better. You have to focus on both your swing itself and your mental game. And when the two fit together it is very rewarding,” Chou said.