In Depth

Meet the Juniors

By Alex Roesch


Why join student council? What’s so great about it? To answer these questions we dive a little deeper into the inspiration and motivation of two members of the student council for the class of 2021. Tara Alpavar is the President of the Junior class this year. She was the activities director last year and has since grown and applied what she learned from her time in that role to being the President. Because Pinewood has such a small and tight knit community, Alpavar can use what she knows about everyone to get people involved.

   Alpavar prides herself in her planning, organization and problem solving skills which she learned from her sister, Ava. 

   “It is easy to plan because I know people’s schedules, people’s sports activities, and practice times”.

   Her favorite thing to do is to plan and execute events like dances and spirit activities. 

OBut this job of planning different activities can rarely be undertaken by only one person. ur second student council member is Eric Burton.    Having been on student council before, Burton is excited to be representing spirit for the eleventh grade this year. In freshman year he was also the Spirit rep for the grade. This year, he hopes to make Spirit more of a safe space for people so that they feel comfortable participating. 

   “I chose to be spirit rep because I just like getting people involved at spirit rallies and at sports games,” 

   His influences come from previous spirit reps, Mr. Bruno the Activities Director, and Burton’s older brother who was the sports rep his senior year. He tries to communicate to other students that it only takes one person to get everyone into Spirit. Once one person commits, everyone else falls in naturally. He hopes he can get more people to come to athletic events. 

   Since Eric is also an athlete, it means a lot to him when people take the time to show up and support others. One of his favorite things about being at Pinewood is that even though we are a small school, we get really incredible turn outs at our sports events.