Maskim-um Aid




  With a growing number of injuries to Pinewood athletes, the newest
member of the faculty accepts the
challenge of getting these athletes back on the field. Theresa
Maksim, Pinewood’s new athletic
trainer, has been welcomed into the Pinewood community during the fall
sport’s season.

   Maskim has her bachelor of science in athletic training and has exploited
her talents in many schools in the area. She
has worked at schools like Saint Ignatius, San Jose State University,
Santa Clara University, Archbishop
Mitty, and Harker Academy. Her experience
ranges from working with the football, basketball, and water polo programs of colleges
to sports seasons at competitive
high schools.

   Maskim wanted to continue working
at private schools because she attended
a private school from kindergarten through
12th grade.

   “I liked the experience (of private school) and being able to exert my knowledge on other students is very rewarding,”
Maskim said.

   As the new athletic trainer, Maskim is looking to build the relationships between athlete and trainer because she
had good experiences with trainers
when she was in high school.
In regard to injuries, Maksim views the number of injuries as
fairly standard in relation to her
previous jobs. She is elated that there has not been a
concussion in the last month because
that shows that the changes
are working.

   “Everyone is very nice, which is very refreshing,” Maskim said. She loves the
nice community at Pinewood and
all the students and athletes are a part of the family.