In Depth


If asked what their favorite sports are, most Pinewood students would respond with either basketball, football, or soccer. But senior Martin Roeck’s answer is different: he enjoys rowing and is a part of the Los Gatos Rowing Club. While rowing may not seem like a physically exhausting sport, Roeck has to train five times a week, dragging an oar through gallons of water with every stroke.

“I really like rowing. In order to perform my best, I need to keep a healthy diet and exercise a lot,”
Roeck said.

At the same time, though, he acknowledges that teamwork is an inherent part of rowing, and since anyone in a boat can hinder the team’s performance. And in a sport that can come down to seconds, that can present
a big problem.

“Even though we mostly compete in individual events, we all work together to improve and many times this teamwork has allowed each and everyone of us to become better,” Roeck said.

So far, his hard work seems to have paid off. Roeck has been doing very well in his races, often finishing in the top five.

Interview and photo by George Shi.