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Mardi Gras Themed Sadie Hawkins Dance

By Micaela Rodriguez Steube


Every February, Pinewood hosts its Sadies dance. Last year, the theme was glow-in-the-dark, and it was held in the theater. This year, the Pinewood ASB, headed by senior president Catherine Blotter, has more ambitious plans, starting with its new theme: Mardi Gras. 

The idea for a bigger event originated in Blotter’s advisory group. In the past, Sadies has had less participation, so the ASB is putting in extra effort this year to change that. This includes the dance’s new location on the Murphy Patio.

“We’re going to decorate the entire patio with purple, green, and gold beads and masks and confetti,” Blotter said.

Decorations are not the only change this year.

“We’re also going to try to put on a parade … around Senior Island,” Blotter said. 

For this activity, each grade will be able to decorate their own float using a car and decorations. These floats will then be paraded around Senior Island. In addition, the ASB is catering New Orleans food to go with the theme.

Supporting the ASB through all its planning is Activities Coordinator Jackee Bruno. Not only does he allow the members of ASB to take the wheel with planning, but he also tries to get as many students involved as possible. ASB members tour locations and decide on themes, decorations and activities. Bruno also likes to involve non-council students with the music.

“I like having students DJ dances,” Bruno said. 

He plans to have sophomores Milan Dhawan, Blake Johnson and Jaden Norwood manning the turntables again for this dance.

Named after Sadie Hawkins, a folk character known as the ugliest woman in her town, the Sadies dance celebrates the pseudo-holiday on which Sadie’s father brought together the town’s eligible bachelors in a competition to find her a husband. In this folktale, social boundaries are said to be broken because the partnership was initiated from the woman’s side.

“Usually the guy asks the girl, but Sadies is a chance for it to swap and the girls to take charge,” Blotter said. 

Bruno plans to give out spirit points to the girls with the best asks for that reason.

The Sadies dance is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 29th at Pinewood.