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Marcus: “On the Edge” of Stardom



   At age three, Pinewood sophomore
Maxine Marcus wrote a song about Oreo cookies. Only 12 years later, this Pinewood sophomore has released an Extended Playlist, or EP, on iTunes, shot a professional music video, created a website, and performed at numerous live shows.

   Maxine has been exposed to music all her life, even before she was born. Literally the day before she was born, Maxine accompanied her mother Corinne Marcus and father Larry Marcus in a performance with their band, the Flying Other Brothers. Since then, Maxine has been opening for her parents’ band, performing at Christmas parties, and even writing her own songs.

   “We always knew she would be involved in music because she naturally gravitated to it. She was doing little songs about Oreo cookies and playing the piano ever since she was little. It really seemed like she had a natural ability for it,” Larry said.

   It was not until last year, however, that Maxine really launched her music career. Although she had written songs in the past, she struggled to finish any of them completely. This time was different.

   “People do not realize how much work it is to get an album out… It is a crazy, rigorous process. You are, for weeks and months on end, doing nothing else but being in a dark room singing. It is fun but it is also hard work,” Maxine said.

   For those who are not familiar with this process, here is a short summary on what creating an album entails: create a melody or lyric and build off of it. Make a chord progression. Send it to co-writers and a producer. Form it into a song. Make a basic track with raw vocals. Develop track. Record final vocals and harmonies. Put together different vocal sounds to make everything flow. Mix the track to get the levels right. Condense the file. Release the
finished product.

   After all the hard work, Maxine and her parents, team, and friends were all excited to listen to the completed EP.

   “It was thrilling to hear the finished product because so much went into it. I loved getting to see how happy she was with the product. It is a really exciting, current sound. We love it,” Larry said.

   Her achievements do not stop there. Maxine has opened for the band, Hot Chip, at the music venue The Independent in San Francisco and plans on continuing to play live at festivals, restaurants, and concerts more this year. She has also been involved in photo shoots, featured in an article on Smule, interviewed by a small college radio, played on
Pandora, and has even created her own website:

    In addition, Maxine is working with brand consultant Michael Davis to create a music video for “On the Edge,” which will be
released soon.

   “Everything is visual these days, so her first music video needs to match her vocal talent. She is so good as a musician and her music talent is at such a high level… that you can’t do something that looks amateur. Whatever we put has to look amazing and look like a top notch record label,” Davis said.

   With all of the recent buzz about her new EP, it can be a little overwhelming for a 15 year old to hone in her unique style and vision while balancing what other
people think.

   “Trying to keep your head screwed on straight is important because you get so many opinions all the time… I have had big industry people tell me they don’t like it, and others say that they love it and would listen to it every day. Finding the medium between what you envision and what other people think is good is essential but also really difficult,” Maxine said.

   There is no way to know what the future holds for Maxine exactly, but it is clear that her music career has only just begun. While Maxine dreams of one day playing at the huge Las Vegas EDM festival,
Electric Daisy Chain, she is already so proud of everything she has accomplished and will continue to sing for the rest of her life no matter what.

   “Maxine has the ‘it’ factor. She gets in front of the camera and it’s like ‘What? You haven’t been in Hollywood for years?’ She is a natural performer, and I can see her flourishing in music and everything else she does,” Davis said.