March Madness

By Shaan Khan


     Every year over a 100 million people celebrate and watch the great 3 week long tournament, March Madness. Played in 14 cities with 67 games and 68 teams, the competition grips the country’s focus for the next three weeks. March madness is a single elimination tournament with 68 teams trying to survive for three weeks to be declared the winner. By the end of the first week only 16 teams are left. Then, by the second there are only eight teams left, and by the final weekend there are only four. At the end of the third weekend there is only one team left. For the tournament, the teams are divided into four regions and placed into a bracket that gives them a path to reach the finals. Then, they are ranked within their region from one to 16 where they play to be the best in their region. Typically the top team in the tier plays the lowest team for their first game. Last season the winner of the tournament was the Virginia Cavaliers. The score was 77 to 85 and the Cavaliers played the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Three teams who have the potential to win this year are the duke blue devils, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, or the Virginia Cavaliers. However anything can happen in march madness, so there is no real way to know until it happens.