Making the Transition

By Kiana Duggal


   School is just starting to kick off, and everyone is starting to settle in. Some kids are transitioning into another year of high school or junior high, but some have gone through a more drastic transition. Moving into high school is definitely an adjustment, whether big or small. Some people find the need for more organization, some find new clubs that interest them, and some are excited by all the new trips and fun things they can do now that they are in high school.

   “There is a greater sense of importance for assignments,”according to Sophia Rosen, a freshmen this year. 

   Rosen also mentioned, “ It was a bigger change than I expected… There are also just a lot more things that become available now that I am in high school.” 

   There are more clubs, trips, and activities open to the high school that freshmen are now able to participate in, for example freshmen are the youngest class that can go on the NYC art trip to New York coming up in a couple weeks. There are different courses that high school students are able to participate in, such art independent study. 

   School session hasn’t completely started, but homework is starting to kick in. While Rosen thinks that the current volume of homework is manageable, she is aware that it is still early in the year to know. 

   In addition to having a small shift in homework, “I don’t think there is a much better reason to be organized. The only difference is that teachers make less allowances for disorganization,” Rosen says.

   As school goes on, homework will pile up and become length, and more organization will be needed. Some clubs are more popular and interesting to some rather than others. To some moving into high school is a big step while for others it is just another year of school. One thing is for sure, high school is an adjustment. It might not feel like it, but it is a step up from junior high.