Arts and Culture

London Fun-don

By Sophie Ashley


Have you ever wanted to tour the Warner Brothers studio, visit Buckingham Palace, or watch “Romeo and Juliet” at the Globe? Well, you’ll get your chance if you sign up for the Pinewood 2020 England Trip. Hosted by literature teachers Holly Phillips and Patty Carleton, it will be a great chance for students to see what they have learned in class.

The trip is from June 15 to June 24, 2020. The current price of the trip is $3,932, including a $250 early bird discount, if you sign up before May 24. On the first day, the group will be visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum.

“When the choir was in England over break, our tour director told us ‘if you could go to only one museum in England, it should be the Victoria & Albert,’” Phillips said.

The next day, they will go on the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour and visit the Globe Theater to watch a performance. They will be visiting many homes of authors, museums, and

much more.

“The focus is really on visiting the homes and the neighborhoods where these authors hung out and wrote their works, so it gives us a nice context,” Phillips said.

Phillips also mentioned that while there is a definite literary theme to the trip, the trip also covers a lot of history, art, and

pop culture.

“When I first started teaching here, we didn’t really do trips like we do now. For the last two years, I’ve been paying attention to the kind of trips we’ve had, and I realized that I really wanted to take my students and my colleagues to go see all of these amazing places that I had gotten to see,” Phillips claimed.

Phillips planned the trip along with Carleton because of a life-changing, personal experience that she wanted to share with others.

“My family took a sabbatical to England about 20 years ago, and we lived there for one summer and had the chance to explore the whole country. It was before I was an English teacher, but I had a passion about literature, so I went to most of these places. It was such an amazing experience, and since I’ve been teaching for the last 20 years, I’ve been drawing on those experiences so much in my classes,” Phillips explained.

The goal of the trip is to have a unique and memorable literature experience, as well as broadening the horizons of everyone attending.

“What I hope for them to get from this trip is this newfound appreciation and love for literature because they had these really fun experiences learning about it more in depth,” explained Phillips. “But also just that they’ll become more bonded and get to experience the same joy I did being in all these different gorgeous places in England that you wouldn’t normally do in one trip.”

“People are amazed that we have put together so many different incredible places into 10 days. It’s a very unique trip in that way. We’ve never done a trip like this at Pinewood, so that makes me excited that we can do this and then maybe do it again every four years. I would love for it to become a tradition,” Phillips said.