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Many under-appreciated people at Pinewood deserve to have their work shared and be proud to share it. Even though only a few unsung heroes were shared here, it does not mean that there are not others out there who give just as much to the Pinewood community as these people do. Plenty of others deserve your gratitude and appreciation, especially since Thanksgiving has just passed. Make sure the people at Pinewood know how much they mean to you.

Just by looking at the Pinewood calendar, one can see the immense wealth of events that occur at our school in just one day. From the assemblies, the performances, the luncheons, the sports events and so much more, there isn’t a way to soak up everything Pinewood offers. We are extremely lucky to be offered these activities as our norms, but it is even more important to acknowledge the raw human talent behind each and every one of these events. Cami Haber, a junior at Pinewood, is an extremely talented artist. Along with her artistic talents, she is very passionate about makeup, and our community greatly benefits from her work in the theatrical productions. When one attends a play, they look in awe at all of the people acting and singing in the spotlight. However, along with the lighting, the costuming and the sets, the actor’s and actress’ makeup plays a huge role as well.

In order to effortlessly make the company look good, Haber plans all of the makeup looks on a piece of paper customized to each actor and actress based on skin tone, eye color, and face shape. This is one of her favorite parts about her role because she gets to “bring out people’s personalities” with makeup. This year, she had three other girls helping her make the cast look perfect: junior Danielle Ness, junior Anna-Maria Brodkey, and freshman Drew Ness.

Especially for Pinewood’s latest production, “Metamorphoses”, Haber had to make sure she had waterproof makeup, so the water didn’t mess up anyone’s look. She also made the performers look more chiseled because they had to closely resemble gods and goddesses. Haber  never does less than her best with makeup for Pinewood.

Dolores Munoz, a name less-known among our community, is the woman who greets you and provides you with fresh food every morning. She runs Pinewood’s snack shack and maintains it with the goal of keeping students and faculty energized and happy.

“My favorite part about working here is when the kids tell me that they like the things that I am serving,” Munoz said.

Munoz starts her days at 7:15 a.m. at the Lower Campus, subsequently arrives at the Upper Campus to open the snack shack, and then proceeds to the Middle Campus to serve their lunch. She prepares all of the fresh fruit cups and salads in her mornings as well and makes sure they all get put in the fridges to avoid perishing. Throughout her hard-pressed schedule, Munoz pays attention to the quantities of the snack items as well. She orders things that the Pinewood community likes, such as donuts and parfaits, and withdraws things from the order that are left over at the end of the week.

Munoz definitely listens to our feedback, and she always tries to make sure every member of the Pinewood community is satisfied.

It is not easy to remember to look behind the scenes of every major event at Pinewood, but it is truly worthwhile to thank people for their talent. Because it is what they give that makes our school a better, more seamless place.