Leading The Charge



  All athletes experience at least one “off day” during their athletic tenure, when they don’t make their shots, miss the plays, or constantly get yelled at by the coaches. When your teammates, your coaches, and even your inner self turn on you, how can you possibly find confidence to keep playing? That’s what team captains are for.

   I have been honored with the title of team captain for JV girls basketball for two years, and for JV volleyball for one. When coach Larry Williams chose me to be captain for the basketball team last year along with Casey Astiz, who was a junior at the time, I was nervous. With three other juniors on the team, I was scared of what they would think if I started bossing them around and telling them what to do. As the season went by, however, I learned that as team captain, my job was not to yell at my teammates when they made a mistake (coaches do enough of that) but to encourage them to keep their head up and to make sure the team played as one.

   Senior Ryan Brice, having had two years of team captain experience, knows about a captain’s duty.

   “As a captain, you have to care about your teammates and to do that, you need to have a personal relationship with each one of them.” Brice said.

   Brice is right in that forming relationships with your teammates are one of the most important things when playing on a team. By developing these friendships, a sense of trust is born; this trust is what runs at the heart of team coordination
and teamwork.

   “I think being captain is an ongoing responsibility where you have to lead by example and work hard both on and off the field,” girls soccer captain Olivia Biggs said. “You have to be a positive influence, rather than a negative, and sometimes be able to fire your team up under difficult circumstances in a game.”

   During the halftime of my last basketball game, I realized that I had gained my team’s respect when everyone’s eyes were on me, listening intently to the advice I was giving. As team captain, that moment
was priceless.