In Depth





  After 35 years at Pinewood, Sheila Schmitz, head of the world languages department, is retiring. In her years here, Schmitz has “loved being with Pinewood students.” She has attended “almost every luau and prom” during her time here. Seeing the World Languages department grow from four to seven teachers, organizing the French Pique-nique, Spanish Luncheon, Honor Societies, and trips with students have all made Schmitz proud. Pinewood has changed in her years here, but she says the one thing that hasn’t changed is the “small and caring community.” One challenge she has faced in her years was the adjustment as more aspects of education incorporated technology. Some of her best memories involve the trips. Schmitz has been on trips to Spain, Italy, France, Ecuador, the Galapagos, and Peru. Schmitz will always treasure the experience of “exposing students to cultures in the classroom.”

  Looking back for Schmitz, it’s been a wonderful 35 years of growth and discovery with the Pinewood community. Looking forward, there will be years of a loving family, adventures in nature, spending time with friends, and plenty of moments both quiet and exciting.

  Señora, you have been an integral part in fostering students’ love for language. Thank you for giving so much to Pinewood and showing your deep passion in many of the school’s functions. The entire community wishes you well.