By Nick Carpenter


 It’s a new season for the Pinewood football team and with that new season has come a change of personnel in the coaching staff. Physics teacher Yong-Chan Kim, who was the assistant coach of the football team last season, has made the step up to head coach this year. Often, it takes some time to get used to a coaching change, but Kim’s transition to head coach has been seamless. 

   “There is a lot more to be done, a lot of little things that you wouldn’t think about logistically, seeing the big picture while paying attention to the small ones,” Kim said. 

   “I wanted to give the kids a good chance of finding success on and off the field. I feel like being a teacher and a coach is two sides of the same coin and seeing them find the fruits of their labor on the field is a satisfaction that is unparalleled.” 

   The team won their first game, and although they have lost their following games, Kim is still optimistic. 

   “I think we’re more efficient and focused, we get twice as many things done and I think there’s more buy-in. I think Kim realized that we had a lot more to teach and spend more time installing things, so we were more prepared mentally. He’s positive, he’s focused, and he gets the team focused, and sometimes he is as pumped as they are. He’s just a really fun person overall,” assistant coach and defensive coordinator Jackee Bruno said. 

  The football team has a game against the Anzar Eagles in San Louis Obispo, a game they are currently preparing for.