Kim Kicks Off

  Prior to this year, Pinewood physics teacher Yong-Chan Kim had never coached a football team. However, Kim took on the challenge of becoming Pinewood’s new football coach this year.    

  Kim’s experience with football stems from Gunn high school where he was offensive guard and defensive end. Now as a coach, he understands how to manage and teach each of his players in an effective way.

  According to Kim, the best part of this new experience is watching the individuals grow.

  “Seeing the joy of improvement and reaching goals for individual players and as a group is my favorite part,” Kim said.

  As well as being a coach, Kim is a physics teacher and coaches the junior high baseball team. He says that knowing the students playing on his team due to previously or currently teaching them is actually very beneficial.

  “Teaching allows me to become a better coach because I know the players a little better,” said Kim. “I get a better insight into what makes them better students on and off the field”.

  Although both teaching and coaching can often be hard, Kim said that it is one of the best choices he has ever made and that he wishes that he had done it sooner. It is obvious that Kim loves to both coach the football team and teach students.

  The head coach of the football team is Kevin Thorson. Together, Thorson and Kim coach and manage the boys varsity football team. As of right now, the pinewood football team has lost two games out of two games that they have played, but that is expected to change.

  As Freshman Dane Houssels said “I think that the football team is headed in the right direction and I think that we are going to win a lot of games this season.”