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Junior High Talents


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As evidenced by the numerous plays and talent shows put on throughout the years, Pinewood has many gifted students from seventh to twelfth grade. Eighth graders Nate Martin, Ashton Riches, and Kaanchi Parameswaran are a few of the many talented middle schoolers at Pinewood.

Martin, who you may remember from seeing perform at the talent shows, enjoys singing, and has been playing the guitar for five years. He prefers to play rock, blues, metal, and jazz, and is trying to get into folk and Spanish guitar. Having a deep passion for this instrument, he wants to further develop his talents. Be- ing surrounded by loved ones encourages him to play.

“My brother is a drummer, and we jam all the time, and I have some family friends I play with,” Martin said.

Martin plans to do more shows at Pine- wood to pursue his passion.

Riches is a dancer of seven years and belongs to the competitive team at Queens Dance Studio. She does jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, and ballet, but likes jazz and hip hop the best.

“I started dancing because when I was little, I would always jump [and] dance around the house,” she said.

Her team has won many awards and placed first in nationals last year, so Riches is looking forward to winning more awards with her team this year, although she isn’t certain about where her dancing will take her.

“I dance because it makes me really happy, and it’s so much fun, [but] I’m not sure about my future yet,” she said.

Parameswaran is one of the leads in the eighth grade production of “Elf” at Pinewood this year, and she is an accomplished singer and performer.


“I have been singing almost all of my life. I come from a family of singers and ever since I was two, I have loved to sing,” Parameswaran said.

While Parameswaran has done shows at Pinewood, she has also expanded her talents outside of school, and her favorite roles include Sebastian in “The Little Mermaid” and Violet in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Through her love of singing and acting, she hopes to continue to grow as a performer.

“In the future, I really want to pursue singing and performing and make it a career,” Parameswaran said.