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Jam Out at Jamboree



The annual Pinewood Jamboree took place noon through 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21. Students, ranging from kindergarteners to seniors along with family and friends, were there to support Pinewood. The Pinewood ASB started planning the Jamboree weeks in advance.

“The sophomore and junior councils met… to plan our room of the haunted house and our individual tables and

products,” said sophomore student council activities representative Carter Brady.

Each grade had their own table with a few foods of their choice to sell. Some of the most popular items were boba tea from the freshmen, cotton candy from the juniors, and liquid nitrogen ice cream from the seniors.

“We sold [caramel] apples at the sophomore booth and ran a jellybean jar guessing contest at journalism,” Brady said.

Each club also had their own table. Interact sold water bottles and painted faces.

At 3 p.m., the prison-themed haunted house opened in the gym. Guides took small groups of people through the locker rooms. There were different rooms that mimicked various parts of jails. One room had inmates with knives in their back. It was a thrill for people of all ages.

“We went all out and bought materials and costumes,” said sophomore student council president Esmi Pistelak. “This year, we had the haunted house in the locker rooms because of the massive pool in the theater for ‘Metamorphoses.’ In my opinion, the locker room setup worked really well.”

Students, faculty, friends, and family have been going to the Jamboree at Pinewood for years. Pistelak herself has been participating in it for 10 years.

The Jamboree at Pinewood was a huge success, and this annual fundraiser will be continued in future years.