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After a long week of school, what better way to end your Friday than going to a play with your friends? On Oct. 21, at 7 p.m., I went to watch Pinewood’s production of “Rumors.”

Written by Neil Simon, “Rumors” is a play about the events that occur at a party on the 10th anniversary of a married couple. As the night unfolds, the party slowly unravels and is thrown into hilarious chaos.

As with any Pinewood production, my expectations were high, and I’m so happy to say that “Rumors” fully met my expectations.

Throughout the play, I could not stop laughing at all the hilarious jokes. The actors and actresses portrayed their characters perfectly, and the amount of effort they put into developing their characters’ personalities really shined through in their performances.

Each actor and actress added his or her own flair to the play, making for an
enjoyable evening.

“The actors did a great job bringing the characters to life and having a really good conversational atmosphere. It was hilarious,” junior Jordan Reese said.

“It was fantastic, I had a great time. The timing [of their conversation], the back and forth was very engaging,” audience member Dean Reese said.

The technical and aesthetic execution of the play was also perfect, with the domestic set pieces made with extreme attention to detail, and the props adding a realistic feel to the setting.

The makeup and costumes for the play were also well done, thanks to the cosmetic skills of senior Stephanie Chui, the makeup artist.

I was extremely impressed with the quality and the professional feel of the play, and I especially admired senior Zarin Mohsenin’s portrayal of Chris Gorman.

The actors for “Rumors” were cast perfectly. They became very close off stage, as well, and their chemistry showed through in
their acting.

“[I loved] making all these new friends, and meeting this new cast. They’re so crazy,” Mohsenin said.

Junior Marcus Fox made his high school acting debut with “Rumors” and received many compliments on his artful portrayal of the character “Lenny” in
the play.

“This [was] my first high school play. Building up to it was nerve-racking, and we put a lot of work into it. But when you put a lot of work in, the end product is always nice,” Fox said.

My favorite part about the play was the creative humor and narrative aspect. “Rumors” had a bit of a mystery feel to it, making you pay careful attention to the events that ensued.

The play didn’t have a complete or satisfactory ending, leaving viewers on a cliffhanger.

“It was really entertaining, and you [had] to think about it. It [was] not just dumb humor. It [was] really interesting,” sophomore Laura Marsland said.

It’s no surprise that the last performance of “Rumors” was a packed house, and director Doug Eivers had nothing but positive things to say.

“Another great crowd, another great show. The kids did fantastic,”
Eivers said.