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Is Dance a Sport? Pinewood Says Yes!


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Ten, nine, another ten, eight! These are not the goals of a soccer team, but rather the judges’ scores for a dance group. Dance comes in many forms, from graceful dancing like ballet to sparking-up-a-tune dancing like jazz or hip-hop. Over the last decade, dance has increasingly become an activity that students participate in for fun, and has revived the question: Is dancing even a sport, or is it an art form?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

By this definition, dancing would be considered a sport. I can speak from personal experience that dancing is physically strenuous, requiring more movement than many other “typical” sports. What makes dancing even harder is that unlike soccer or football, one has to be graceful despite fatigue.

In addition, just as competition is a key characteristic of sports, is is equally important in dance. Dance competitions can be as prestigious and important as sports tournaments – take the show Dancing with the Stars, which is a household name.

However, this question is not entirely one-sided. What must be considered is that in other sports, the winner is determined by the most goals or the fastest time with very little room, if any, for subjectivity.

In dancing, even though there are certain parameters for judging a performance fairly, determining a winner is always subjective.

Also, while some schools like Pinewood consider dancing as fitness, most schools consider dancing as an art elective rather than an athletic elective.

But what does the Pinewood community have to say? In a recent poll, 79 percent indicated that they believe dancing is a sport, while only 21 percent said it was not.

However, as Pinewood is known for its focus on the arts, these results are to be expected. Results may vary if the poll was carried out at a different school.

“If someone dances competitively, it is a sport; if they don’t, it’s just a hobby,” said eighth grader Devon Swanson, indicating that even within the dance world there can be distinctions.

So is this question crystal-clear, or does it depend on the reader’s point of view?