Everyone loves opening a gift and feeling the weight of their newest prized possession in their hands. At Pinewood, the freshmen are the receivers of a new gift, brand new iPad Pros.

Though similar to the other iPads that Pinewood provides to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the new iPad Pros have enhanced iOS 9 technology. The iPad Pros are just 6.9 millimeters thick and 1.57 pounds, allowing them to maintain their high quality of the large screen without being too heavy.

Principal Mark Gardner explained the reasoning behind this sudden switch from the iPads to the iPad Pros for
the freshmen.

“A parent came to us saying that they wanted to make a donation for a grade’s worth of iPad Pros to try them out. So that’s why we did it and that’s why it’s only the ninth grade,” Gardner said.

Though the iPad Pros seem like quality upgrades, some of the freshmen have expressed concerns about the iPad Pros. For example, freshman Amelia Rowe said the trifold case on the iPads can be bulky and difficult to take photos with. This can be a concern since students often need to quickly snap a picture of a whiteboard covered in important information.
   Other freshmen have generally reacted positively towards the iPads, and some even recommend that Pinewood give the opportunity to all students.

Even though the case can be clunky, the keyboard on the trifold is useful and similar to the keyboard of a laptop, and students have been able to adjust, as shown by Rowe.

“I thought I wouldn’t like the iPad Pro because of the size, but I actually really do like them. While you’re reading you can take notes without having to flip back and forth,” Rowe said.

Rowe is not the only one who loves the split screen feature. Freshmen Max Banning and Haley Armstrong also expressed their love for the feature as well.

Going forward, the iPad Pro could be an incredible asset to other students as well, since the larger screen allows for more clarity and a split screen feature, which makes studying far easier. Hopefully, the entire school will have the opportunity to turn Pro.