Interact Week of Kindness



   February is an academic grind — an entire month where students and teachers have “that 2:30 feeling” and have to push on. Pinewood’s Interact Club chose to break the drudgery by organizing an event called “The Week of Kindness” during school Feb. 9-11.

   Each day, the club handed out free goodies to students from particular grade levels. On Monday, the junior high students were served free popcorn during lunch and on Tuesday, ice-cream sandwiches were handed out to freshmen and sophomores. Wednesday marked the last day, and special handwritten notes and candy were presented to the juniors, seniors, and faculty members.   

  “The goal of the event was to give back to the community. We wanted to spread a positive vibe on campus,” Interact president Vasudha Goel said.       

  Many students appreciated the effort the club put into organizing this event.

   “I really appreciated the note that I received. It brightened my day and put me in a good mood for the break,” junior Andrei Volkov said.

   The event took a great deal of planning to put together. The Interact officers first had to plan what acts of kindness they wanted to accomplish for the Pinewood community and then they had to go out and buy the supplies needed to make the event come to life.

   The reactions from Pinewood students
and faculty  members  made  this  experience incredibly satisfying for the club and the students alike.

   “I really liked the popcorn and I think Interact Club should do this more often,” seventh grader Natasha Kumaraswami said.

  With the success of this event, the club hopes to organize similar events in the future for the Pinewood community.