Interact Trying To Can Hunger



   Thanksgiving isn’t all about stuffing your face with turkey, mashed potatoes, and bread rolls. As much as we may enjoy those aspects, its true purpose is to instill the spirit of giving and thankfulness. This year, the Pinewood Interact and Philanthropy clubs have teamed up to organize a canned food drive and spirit competition. All collected donations will be given to the Second Harvest Food Bank, who will then hand out the cans to feed people in need.
   “We have more than what we need, so we are raising food for people who don’t have as much,” Interact publicity representative sophomore Helena Merk said.

   The food drive starts Nov. 17 and goes for two weeks, ending on Nov. 21, which is right before Thanksgiving break. It is also a competition between the grade levels; however, the overriding goal of the food drive is not to win the competition, but also to provide food for those in need.  The competition should remind us what matters most about giving.

   “There are children less fortunate than we ‘Pinewoodians’ are, and we get the sense of being better people by helping our community,” freshman Arnav Aggarwal said.