Interact Club


   The Interact club, one of the biggest clubs at Pinewood, has hit the ground running this year. They have already taken part in several events, including the Moonlight Run in Palo Alto and the Bridge to Bridge Run in San Francisco. They also worked together with the Green Coalition for their coastal cleanup event and attended the Fall Leadership Conference, which is a gathering of all Interact clubs in the district. The Interact Club also hosted two events at Pinewood: the blood drive and carpool day

   Although the club has already accomplished a lot, there is much more that its members hope to do. Senior and Interact club president Carolina Rodriguez Steube, for example, has some ideas for what she hopes the club can accomplish.

  “I really want to incorporate this year making packages for veterans … or making first aid kits,” said Rodriguez-Steube.

   The Interact club is also one of the oldest clubs at Pinewood, as its been around since the early ‘90s. The club is an extension of the Rotary International Club, an organization dedicated to worldwide goodwill.

   Director of Alumni Relations and Interact club director Michelle Isaac knows of some areas that she would like the Interact club to expand into more.

“One area we really want to get involved in is animal care,” Isaac said.

   Currently the club occasionally helps out at a shelter in San Francisco called Muttville, but its location makes it difficult for the club to help frequently.

   Overall, Isaac is very proud of the club and all they have accomplished.

   “I’m really proud of the club’s officers and their motivation, and also just all the members who are bringing really good ideas and unique opportunities for us to serve,” Isaac said.

Students interested in joining Interact can contact club president Carolina Rodriguez Steube.