In the Pinewood Spirit



A student in a panther suit flies by at the speed of light. Across the Cue quad, you can make out the silhouette of a horde of freshmen all dancing in perfect harmony. Behind you, students face off in a relay-race competition and hula-hoop as if their lives depend on it. All of this madness, all of this pandemonium, all for one thing: spirit points.

At Pinewood, spirit points are the lifeblood of every act of shenanigans that occurs. For years, the spirit point system had remained the same; one grade champion is decided at the end of the year. The winning grade had the greatest amount of points compared to the other three high school classes. A grade could achieve points in numerous ways, ranging from activities in assemblies to random shenanigans.

However, this year, a big change is happening when it comes to spirit points.

The new system works like this: at the start of every month, each grade has zero spirit points. Then, throughout the month, each grade will accumulate points, as they did in the past. At the end of every month, one “grade winner” is declared. This grade will receive a party and a treat. After that, the scores all go back to zero, and the process starts again.

How will people interpret this new system? Will they prefer it over the old system? So far, the new spirit points setup is succeeding in its goal to improve daily life for students. Principal Gabriel Lemmon is quite excited about the changes.

“Spirit points positively contribute to the overall Pinewood experience,’’ Lemmon said. “Obviously spirit does contribute to the well-being of the school. The degree to which people cheer on performers … and seeing people give standing ovations to whichever act is performing, that is awesome! That makes the world a better place.”

Lemmon is supportive of the new concept and has high hopes for its effect on Pinewood’s future.

So far, the new spirit system is being accepted with open arms into the Pinewood community. Only time will tell just how far we are willing to go to be the champion of the month. In the meantime, however, it is safe to say that we are all looking forward to every act of shenanigans that comes our way.