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     As the school year begins, students often find themselves reminiscing over the past summer. You might find yourself thinking back to all the different activities you engaged in this summer; or, you might find yourself wondering what your classmates did for the past three months. Summer is a time when students relax, spend time with their families, and travel to exotic
places; however, it is also a time when students explore new academic pursuits both inside and outside of the classroom.

  This year, some students traveled across the country to take part in university programs, while others furthered their
athletic passions.

   Senior Katrina Hough took part in a Stanford Sports Medicine program this summer. She learned skills and techniques from Stanford sports medical professionals. She also served as a teacher’s assistant for the Peninsula Bridge Program at Menlo School. Hough taught students about meditation, stress management, and dealing with bullying at the program.

   “My favorite part of the program was getting to know the kids and being able to interact with them on a personal level,” Hough said.

    Other students spent their summer taking advanced courses at universities. For example, senior Pasha Khokhlov took two classes at Carnegie Mellon this summer: an introduction to discrete math class and an economics course.

   Senior Raika Kim interned with Stanford’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. During the program, Kim attended lectures and shadowed Stanford professors. Kim also participated in a mock trial camp where she and her classmates debated on various topics.

   “Since I want to go into law when I’m older, I was proud to be named best attorney at my mock trial  camp,” Kim said.

   Senior Jessica Hanks attended a medical program at UC Berkeley. She got a head start on preparing for college life by living in a dorm for the duration of the program and sitting in on lectures by professors.

   “My favorite part of the program was getting to meet new people, exploring the San Francisco area, and getting the experience of living in a dorm,” Hanks said.

   Besides this, many students spent their summer exploring their athletic passions. Junior Elena He volunteered at
Pinewood’s tennis camp during the summer and served as an instructor for the class. Also, senior Ethan Bair participated in archery competitions all over the country.

   Senior Andrei Volkov spent three weeks of his summer interning at a telecommunications company in Russia. He worked in the marketing department doing things like managing the Facebook page and reviewing financials.

   He also spent a month at Babson creating the plans for a potential startup business, finishing off by presenting this business idea to venture capitalists. After their project was named one of the venture capitalists’ favorite ideas, Andrei and his team are now making that potential business a reality.

   “We are in the stages of sending our paperwork to the goverment. We are hoping to become a company within a week,” Volkov said.