Arts and Culture

Hub of Clubs

By Ajay Krishnan


Pinewood students have a variety of talents, including table tennis and frisbee, that don’t get a chance to  be showcased, but adding more clubs or extracurriculars would give students the opportunity to not only showcase their talents, but also to get involved in new activities.

  One of the most popular ideas is an Upper Campus dance team.

  “There is no official dance team so a club would be great for those who do dance for fun or competitively,” said eighth grader Mary-Jane Osborne.

  While a dance fitness class is offered, it is exclusively for high school. Adding an official team would allow all members of the student body to participate in this fun activity, from competitive dancers to beginners.

  What about sports? While Pinewood offers several sports in different seasons, there could be a greater variety. While Pinewood does not have a pool on campus, aquatic sports like water polo or diving would be an exciting addition. Also, why stick to traditional sports? Pinewood could include sports like frisbee, table tennis, or bowling.

 “Having a cricket team at Pinewood would be interesting and really cool,” said eighth grader Skylar Chui.

  In my personal opinion, a competitive trivia team would be a great addition. Who doesn’t love a good game of Kahoot? Such a team could be a good option for those who want to participate in something competitive without the stress of being active.

  As Pinewood is constantly changing for the better, its clubs should, without a doubt, change along with it.