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How to Make your Mother’s Year




  Spring has sprung and graduation is not the only thing around the corner! Don’t forget about Mom! Mother’s Day is May 13, right before graduation. Instead of getting her the usual flowers or store-bought gift, why not try making her something. Moms always cherish the things their kids make with their own hands.
  Everyone loves a pretty candle, but this customized DIY Mother’s Day candle takes it up a notch. You will need one or more white pillar candles, white tissue paper, wax paper, printer paper, and an embossing heat gun or hair dryer. First, cut out tissue paper, used for gift wrapping, slightly smaller than a sheet of paper and tape the shiny side down to the paper. Feed the paper with attached tissue into your printer and print your selected photograph. Cut out an image leaving a small border around it. Now place the image on the candle and wrap a piece of wax paper tightly around it. Using your embossing gun or blow dryer with diffuser, apply heat to the image.Until you see the ink coming through,  gently peel away the wax paper. You have a personalized candle your mother will enjoy for a long time.
  It will feel like a spa day when your mother uses this homemade passion tea sugar scrub! You will need one cup granulated sugar, 2 passion tea bags, 1/2 cup jojoba oil and orange essential oil. First, pour out the two tea bags into a small bowl with the sugar. Next mix in 5 drops of the orange essential oil. Finally, store in an airtight container, such as a mason jar. For extra credit decorate the jar by tying a pretty ribbon around it.
  Continuing with the spa theme, this easy-to-make all natural vanilla almond body lotion is sure to win Mom over. All you need is coconut oil, vitamin E oil, pure vanilla extract and pure almond extract. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl then use a hand blender to mix until smooth. Pour into a pretty glass jar and decorate with a custom label and ribbon.
Once you have your homemade gift ready for mom, don’t forget to serve her breakfast in bed and to clean your room without being asked. You will make her year!