Homework Survey


Staff Writer


Starting Nov. 5, all students at Pinewood were instructed to record how long each homework assignment took them to complete. For high school, according to the Student Parent Handbook, homework, excluding honors and AP classes, should take two to two-and-a-half hours Monday through Friday. Homework for junior high is supposed to take around one-and-a-half to two hours each night during the school week.

Pinewood implemented this homework survey as an effort to record whether the homework load given to students is above or below the set amount. To complete the survey, students were instructed to chart how many minutes of homework they had each night per class. To get a well-rounded understanding of the overall perspective, students recorded how long each teacher said an assignment should take to complete. That way, the estimated time and actual time spent can be compared.

“I thought the homework survey was helpful because the school got to see how much a student spends on homework and how much they need to alter their [homework load],” said an anonymous freshman.

However, many students were concerned about accurate representation as they felt the week the survey took place was not as homework-heavy as previous weeks.

“Instead of focusing on the load of homework, I think the school should focus on the quality of the homework they give,” said a Pinewood parent.

“It would be better to give homework that helps the student understand and practice what they’ve learned, instead of homework that doesn’t relate to the material.”

The same homework survey was conducted in the 2017-2018 school year, but the administration has reported that there was not enough data to affect policy changes.