Homework or Holidays


Staff Writer


Dashing through the halls

Failed my test yesterday

Don’t know where to go

With my life today

Jingle bells

Taking L’s

Hit me with a sleigh

I’m so done

This isn’t fun

There goes my GPA!

With the holiday festivities already in full swing and finals being around the corner, one may struggle with juggling the time spent between wintertime activities and schoolwork. One thing to remember to figure out this holiday season is balancing the amount of schoolwork done each night and the time spent regarding Christmas or Hanukkah activities. The ratio of schoolwork to festivities is different for each person- one may take more classes, another might play a sport or have more holiday activities planned, etc. Pinewood’s learning specialist, Jyoti Sicina recommends creating a personal master plan of what one should be doing with their time and when they should be doing it. This includes everything from studying for finals, to Christmas caroling, to basketball practice. Commit to this plan- when studying, gather up all your self-discipline and put away all electronics during homework time. But “when December 22 rolls around, I would argue that the focus should not be on schoolwork, rather rest, fun, and quality time with family.”

Whenever possible, take a look at the school calendar, sports schedule, and holiday calendar for everything coming up in the next month. This helps one become mentally ready for the hectic holiday season. This plan will create a way to enjoy the wintertime activities and still have a pleasing report card at the end of the semester as well. Happy Holidays folks, and good luck!