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High Goals after High School



   Anyone who happened to be at Stanford Saturday at 2 p. m. may have seen the Stanford women’s basketball team compete against the UC San Diego team, led by Pinewood’s very own former player Miranda Seto. Seto had twenty-four points, a team-high. While she was dominating on the court, her proud former coaches Doc Scheppler and Anna Sterrett and past teammates were in the stands cheering her on. Seto is just one athlete from Pinewood that decided to continue her athletic career through college.

   Although Pinewood may not be known for their athletics like other schools, over the years many students from Pinewood have gone on to play sports in
college. Some alumni include Josh Rose playing basketball at Bentley University, John Bennett playing basketball at Utah State, and Grayson Burdon and Gabrielle Amos-Grosser playing soccer at Occidental and Williams College, respectively. From the graduating class of 2014, two basketball players are currently playing in college: Leeana Bade at Division II Sonoma State University and Kendahl Wallis-Lang at Division III Occidental College
in Los Angeles. Both players played on the girls varsity basketball team at Pinewood for all four years of high school, and both were on the teams that won the state championship their freshman and
senior year.

   At Pinewood, 5’10” Bade was starting post for three years. Although she didn’t have a height advantage against most of the other teams, her athleticism set her apart and gave her an advantage against bigger players. Bade was one of the quickest players on the team, and she even went to CCS for track her junior year. Now, Bade sports number twenty-four for the Sonoma State Seawolves and plays guard. In her first exhibition game on Oct. 31, she carried her team with fourteen points and five rebounds,
leading the team to their first victory of
the season.

   Wallis-Lang played every position for Pinewood, as she was only 5’8”. Last year she was co-captain with now-senior Marissa Hing.

   “Kendahl is a really selfless player and she contributed so much to the team by picking people up and helping everyone with the plays… she was the definition of a great team captain,” co-captain Marissa Hing said.

   For the Occidental Tigers, Wallis-Lang plays forward. In her latest game against Division I UC Santa Barbara, Wallis-Lang led her team in rebounds and put up a few points as well.

   Both Wallis-Lang and Bade agreed that playing in college is pretty different than high school. In college, everything intensifies, as there is more pressure to perform and play well. The time commitment increases drastically as practices, games, and weight training becomes much more frequent. Luckily, the college freshman
felt prepared.

   “Pinewood basketball was pretty intense, and I don’t get tired as easy as some people because we played so much in practice at Pinewood. Also, [Coach Scheppler] taught us how to be really good teammates and how to be fun to play with, which definitely carries over,” Wallis-
Lang said.