Happy Week, Happy School

Staff Writer


The NAMI Club at Pinewood, led by psychology teacher Tina Maier and English teacher Cheryl Zepp, celebrated Happiness Week, with games and activities during lunch on Nov. 12, Nov. 13, and Nov. 16. Ranging from henna to bubbles, all Pinewood students were invited to celebrate happiness before Thanksgiving break.
On Monday, a long jump rope was set up on the Cue Quad for students of all grades to come out and play. Seventh graders were playing with juniors. Colorful face paint of clouds and rainbows was another activity. Students also blew bubbles for fun and relaxation.
On Tuesday, students were lined up to receive intricate henna designs and palm readings from various students. They were told what lies ahead of them through fortune telling and the lines of their palms.
On Thursday, a large game of musical chairs was set up. Multiple competitive rounds were played by every grade. Also on Thursday, a chicken and waffles food truck made its appearance at lunch for students and faculty to enjoy.
Although the week was cut short due to the fires in California, the Friday before Happiness Week, juniors Catherine Blotter and Tyler Riches were giving out hugs at lunch. An idea created by senior Klara Astrom called Free Hug Friday was a way to increase school spirit without a lot of preparation.
“As Thanksgiving is getting closer and school is getting more stressful, Tyler and I [said that] we both love giving hugs and anyone who wanted to come up and give us hugs could,” Blotter said.
They were standing on the terrace, calling people’s names, dancing to music, and trying to spread cheer to the community by embracing everyone with big comforting hugs.
With finals season coming up, Pinewood should spread happiness more with fun activities to decrease the stress among students.