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Photo courtesy of Maddie Ashley.


No need to confine your Halloween celebration to Oct 31! Get into the spirit of the season with some fun and festive DIY holiday decor. Try making candy corn garlands, plastic spider webs or a flock of bats to decorate your home and start the countdown to one of my favorite holidays.

Candy corn is a classic Halloween candy so I wanted to use it to create a decoration. I made garlands out of candy corns simply by threading fishing line onto a needle and poking through the candies. Knot off the ends and drape to display. This one really gets my mouth watering in anticipation of Halloween.

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Looking for a spookier decoration? Try this colony of bats. You will need 3 feet tall branches, a tall vase, bat cutouts, and a hot glue gun. You can find natural or black painted branches and sparkly black bats just around the corner at Michaels or Joanns. Run a thin line of glue down the center of the bats, press and hold until they rest firmly against a branch. Glue the bats at different heights and angles on the branches then arrange in the vase to create the illusion of a flock of bats. This DIY was really fun to make and looks better than typical store bought decorations.

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Remember making paper snowflake cutouts when you were little? Not only can you make Christmas decorations with this technique, but Halloween ones as well. Using items you already have at home you can create plastic spider webs to display. You just need a couple of black trash bags, tape and a pair of scissors. First, trim the edges off the sides and bottom of the bag. Fold into a triangle and cut off excess to make it square. Fold into a smaller triangle and then into another smaller triangle. Fold once more to make a cone shape. Tape the open side of the bag. Finally, cut long thin triangles, not all the way through, so that when you open it up you have a beautiful web. The bag can be a little tricky to cut and it took me a couple tries to get the cutouts right, but they look good and complete my DIY Halloween home decorations.

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