Golf Driving for a Strong Season



  Golf has a reputation for being an extremely hard game because of the mental and skill components to the game. The Pinewood golf team is looking to
conquer both these aspects in their upcoming season.

   The golf team is led by a new head coach, Eric Guzman. Guzman has been playing golf for 44 years and has also taken on some coaching positions. He has been involved in the PGA teaching program, has been an Assistant Pro at the Olympic club, and has taught private lesson for many years.

   “My goal for the 2015 season is to
make each player a better all-around player, as well as having fun in the process,”
Guzman said.

   Guzman is excited about the golf team this year and sees great skill and potential in all of them. Junior Erik Dabagian has been playing on the golf team since he was a freshman and is looking forward to this season. He is a golfer with around five years of success.

   “I am looking forward to having fun with my teammates and going out of the course,” Dabagian said

   The youngest player on the team is freshman Maxine Marcus. She has played golf for around seven years and is looking to improve her short game, putting and chipping, during the Pinewood season.

   “The team’s goals are to work as a united team and make each other better,”
Marcus said.

     With a unified team, the players are looking forward to defeating their rivals, Sacred Heart. In addition to beating Sacred Heart, the team is looking to win at least half of their 12 total matches. Since Pinewood does not have the golf facilities for the team to practice on campus, the team is lucky enough to be able to practice at the Stanford golf range, and Guzman’s assistant’s house which is equipped with three greens with bunkers.

   The team currently has six players, but they are hoping to get some more when all the winter sports end. With a small roster, Guzman believe the players’ biggest competition is themselves because of the mental part of the game.

   “The team looks very strong, and I am looking forward to seeing the overall development with the program,”
Guzman said.