Arts and Culture

Godvin a Godsend for Pinewood Arts Department

By Lulu Diffenbaugh


 You might find yourself stuck in the middle of all your new school work after returning from a relaxing summer. Art is a great outlet for that stress, and a new faculty addition, art teacher Cole Godvin, came to Pinewood to inspire that interest and creativity.

After writing a paper on education in fifth grade, Godvin knew she wanted to be a teacher because she was so intrigued by the power of education. She was first interested in teaching art when she started teaching at Crossroads, an independent school in Santa Monica, California.

“[It] has a very robust visual arts and performing arts program… and I saw the impact that the arts classes had on [individual students and the community overall]. That got me interested [in] arts as a teaching discipline,” Godvin said.

From there, she taught in New York City, worked as a photo editor and graphic designer, and then returned to teaching at Nueva School as the chair of the award-winning publications program, which included yearbook, an academic journal, a newsmagazine and website, and a literary magazine.

“I saw that if you give [students] real world projects that cultivate their individual vision. . .[there is] a lot of power in terms of helping kids… build extreme self confidence,” Godvin said.

Godvin enjoys all the classes she currently teaches but particularly likes teaching an art history class because she gets to design the curriculum. 

   “I like that all students feel equally valued – [it is] not just focused on playing to the art stars but really making sure a wide variety of students are involved in and enjoying … the arts.” Godvin said.

She hopes to see more students becoming involved in Pinewood’s visual arts department through new and creative ways. She also wants to add a choice component into her classes to add more freedom to each project, so the artists have more power in terms of deciding what they want to create. 

Godvin is excited to make a positive impact here at Pinewood and leave students feeling more involved with Pinewood’s visual arts program. So, whenever you are feeling stressed about impending tests or essays, you can always head over to the art room to find a creative outlet working with Godvin.