Giving Great Grad-vice: Graduation Speakers



   Pinewood recently announced the graduation speakers for both the eighth grade graduation and the high school graduation. The speakers, alumnus Aaron Reitman and financial analyst Scott Cutler respectively, were chosen in the hopes that they would provide advice for the graduates in the next chapter of
their lives.

  Reitman graduated from Pinewood in 1998, going on to get a degree in human communication disorders from Northwestern University. After getting his medical degree, Reitman returned to San Francisco and began a pediatric fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. During this time, Reitman wanted to become an expert in neonatal
hematology, the study of blood disorders in newborn babies; now Reitman is a Neonatal-Perinatal Fellow at the LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. Along with all of these studies, Reitman is heavily involved in research.

   Reitman was chosen to speak due to his great accomplishments after graduating from Pinewood. While he still attended the school, Reitman was very active in
the community.

   “He played on the basketball team, was involved in student council, and was very spirited, so we thought that he really embodied all that Pinewood represents,” president Scott Riches said.

   Cutler, on the other hand, has achieved great success in the financial world. Currently the president and CEO of StubHub, Cutler spent much of his career as part of the New York Stock Exchange, where he was responsible for over $1 trillion in equity capital market transactions. In addition, Cutler was named one of the top 100 most influential people in the US corporate governance in 2010.

   With all of this experience with success, Cutler will hopefully shed some light on life and success that will be beneficial to the senior class. Pinewood was able to get in touch with Cutler because he is related to two Pinewood students – senior Jordan Riches and freshman Rebecca Riches.

   “The reason why we chose him is because he accomplished a lot at a very
young age. We believe that he will be able to talk to the students about following your dreams and being successful. He is also a really engaging speaker, but most importantly we believe he will be able to relate to our students nicely,” Riches said.