Girls and Boys Soccer Kick-starts Seasons



   While fall sports are winding down, winter sports are heating up.

      The girls and boys soccer teams have already started practicing, and their first games are scheduled for December.

  The girls team is prepping for success. Promising key players such as senior Leah Hess, junior Olivia Biggs and freshman Emma Doettling are likely to lead the team to victory, while new players will add new dimension to the roster, according to girls soccer coach Whitney Wood.

    “It’s a new team with a lot of new players,” Wood said. “There’s a lot of young talent, and we are in the lower division, so I think we will be matched up well with teams like Castilleja, Crystal Springs, and Mercy Burlingame. I think we should do well and have a good season.”

    In order to achieve this goal, the team needs to incorporate various methods in hope of improving their individual and collaborative skills.

   Hess, the captain of the girls soccer team, has a strategy of her own — focusing on “working the basics and fundamentals,” she said.

  Lots of people on the team already have these skills down. The team’s strength is its large number of goal scorers. With many goal scorers, that is a nice recipe for winning. But with many strengths come
some weaknesses.

  “Working together is one of our weaknesses,” Hess said. If the team can work together, they will have a recipe for success.

  As for the boys team, coach Jide Aradeon is hopeful his team will have a great year after coming off a 3-9 record last year. Aradeon expects great things from returning players like juniors Ethan Bair, Matt Kuo and Dominick Twombly.

“All our opponents are going to be tough, especially King’s Academy,” Aradeon said.

   Senior captain Vishal Jindal has strategic ideas to take the boys soccer team to triumph. Just getting back from a severe ankle injury, he is up and ready for action.

“We hope to have a better record than we have in the last few years and we really want to be the best in our league,”
Vishal said.