Girl Power

Have you ever seen girls playing football? At Pinewood, there was an event from from Oct. 1 to Oct. 4 called Power Play. This is where the females students of our school played flag football, a sport traditionally played by males. In Power Play, the girls played a series of flag football games against each other during lunch on Monday and Tuesday. On Oct. 4, the faculty played the winning team of girls. Some people might wonder, “Why is there no girls football team?” The idea that girls are too delicate to play some sports and the idea that boys are better at some sports has been evident since the beginning of football.The normality that the typical school follows is not having a girls football team. Pinewood is promoting the idea that all people, including females, can play football.

Freshman Michelle Chen participated in Power Play.

“I think that the main idea of the event is to make us women feel equal. I feel like they should open up sports for all people such as volleyball for boys and football for girls. I also think it’s good that Pinewood is trying to make girls here feel equal to the boys,” Chen said.

This brings up a good point. Although there is no girls football team, this event celebrates the idea of equality, the idea that all people can play whatever sport they desire to participate in. The idea that all people are different and that no matter the gender norms, all can have the opportunity to participate in a given sport.