In Depth




Many of the freshmen have known each other for years, but some of us are new to Pinewood. I have found that our class is talented, creative, and not really ready to grow up yet.

The wide variety of freshmen in the incoming class posess some incredible talents, many of which are quite unusual.

“I can shake my eyes,” said freshman Paulo Ferrari. “My little brother showed me how to do it.” I found it a bit unnerving, but it certainly did count as a talent. I don’t know anyone else
who can shake their eyeballs in
their sockets!

On the topic of eyes,  freshman Parisa Homayoun has a talent for drawing them. When asked if she had any special talents, she replied, “I can draw.” She is especially good at drawing “…realistic eyes, in charcoal.” Eyes can be very difficult to draw, as many feel that they are very expressive.

“My talent is being healthy,” said freshman Liza Beltyukova, before frowning as she took a bite of her lunch. “This chicken is disgusting.” I know that sticking to being healthy is hard, especially when nutritious food isn’t
the tastiest.

I also asked people a funky question this month: “If you could prank any world leader, what would you do?” This elicited a lot of creative responses, many of which were about our current president, Donald Trump, and his hair.

Freshman Evie Fick said, “I’d dye Trump’s hair. Like, neon green, so he’d look like a troll doll.” At least President Trump was able to keep his hair this time. “I’d make [Trump] lose all of his hair somehow,” said freshman
Jack Berkowitz.

Others had also commented on Trump; only a few people didn’t choose to prank him. “I would prank Justin Trudeau. I’d make whole crowd chant ‘We don’t like you!’ because everybody likes him,” said freshman Morgan van der Linde. No worries, Trudeau fans: she later clarified that she would have the crowd apologize to him afterward.

I also asked people what they missed most about being three years old. Most people missed not having homework, or the easiness of the schoolwork, which I think every high school student can relate to.

“School was actually easy. I had a soul,” said freshman Zack Commons with a defeated sigh. I admit that school was easier in preschool, but I am not sure how many people lost their soul between kindergarten and ninth grade.

Van der Linde’s answer was a bit more cheerful. “Not having to do schoolwork, that was a big plus,” said Van der Linde about the ease of life in her earlier years of school. She mentioned the fun games that many of us, now over four, or even five feet tall, can no longer indulge in. She also missed being small enough for  “constant shoulder rides.”

It was great getting to know my classmates, and I hope you all do the same. Take a second to chat in the hall, after school, or between classes. Find out that Morgan can stand on her head, and Evie can click her tongue so loudly that your eardrums shake.

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, it’s important to reach out to the new kids on campus. Take advantage of the intimacy of a small school like Pinewood. Go ahead: make some new friends and have fun!