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Pink ribbons tied around wrists, pink headbands on peoples’ heads, pink jeans, pink socks, and even pink tutus! People wore all sorts of pink articles during Pinewood’s Pink Dress-up Day on Friday, Oct. 6. Why, you may ask? To show support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer: this past October was filled with lots of dressing up and fundraising activities.

So how else did Pinewood and the Bay Area go pink to support those brave people who are battling breast cancer?

We started out with our Dig Pink game on Thursday, Oct. 5. Our varsity volleyball team put in some really amazing effort against Castilleja. The Pinewood gym was decorated for the occasion, sporting pieces of pink construction paper with ribbons drawn on them over the Panther Pit and paper with “Dig Pink” on the opposing wall. Everyone dressed in pink, and we raised over $160 for breast cancer. Nice job, Pinewood!

Pinewood’s football team made a bold statement in support of breast cancer awareness as they charged the field on their senior night wearing bright pink shirts under their jerseys.

According to the MVLA High School website, Pinewood’s close neighbor, Los Altos High School, was another one of the many Bay Area schools that had a Dig Pink game. They played Palo Alto High School on Tuesday, Oct. 17, with both their junior varsity and varsity teams. Of course, everyone was decked out in pink, and Dig Pink shirts were available for purchase if someone happened to not have any pink clothing.

The greater Bay Area community also hosted a number of walks to support breast cancer awareness. According to the American Cancer Society’s website, there are two breast cancer walks on Oct. 28: one in San Jose, and one in San Francisco. Both walks include survivors of breast cancer, their caretakers, and miscellaneous community members.

The walks also include a special area for survivors, dubbed “Hope Starts Here” tents. These tents advertise details on other activities held by the American Cancer Society for breast cancer

If shopping is more attractive to you, Stanford Shopping Center is donating some of their profits to Bay Area Cancer Connections (BCC) on Thursday, Oct. 26. BCC centers on breast and ovarian cancers; and according to their website, are partnering with some stores in the Stanford Shopping Center.

Many stores are donating percentages of purchases to BCC. Vineyard Vines is donating 20 percent of their profits from purchases made by any customer who refers to BCC, while Glassybaby, a store that sells handmade glass items, are going to donate 10 percent of the sale of every “kindfull” glass piece to BCC.

Hopefully you have participated in one or more of these events, but if you didn’t, it’s not too late to share your support for breast cancer.

October may be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but those who battle breast cancer do so year-round. Volunteer at a run, make a donation, or even share the stories of the people who have been affected. Every bit helps!

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