Get Ready To Dance, Dub, And Dress Up




   Are you ready to get spirited? The annual Pinewood Spirit Week is just around the corner, and this year’s theme is fashion. From nerds to preps to jocks (this year, at least), Spirit Week is a week of daily dress-up spirit competitions, ending with
the lip sync assembly.

   Associated Student Body president Carson Robinette shared a few tips aimed towards student council members and students who have never participated in Pinewood’s Spirit
Week before.

   “To student council members – prepare, expect to go above and beyond, compete, and stay organized,” Robinette said. “For new people – listen to your student council representatives; they know what they’re doing. Be cooperative, have fun, and participate in any way you can!”

   The lip sync, to be held on Friday, is a competition between the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Each grade receives one sub-category under the main theme of Spirit Week, on which they then have to base their lip sync performance: this year, the lip syncs will be preppy, nerdy, sporty, and country themed. Then, each grade must perform their themed dance in front of the entire school, making the lip sync one of the most hilarious assemblies not only for the students and faculty watching but also
for participants.

   Activities director Jackee Bruno also had his own tips to share with all those new to the Pinewood Spirit Week tradition.

   “Prepare early, and don’t wait until the week before the Lip Sync to practice,” Bruno said.