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      Songs inspired by James Brown’s music, such as “I’m in Love” by Evelyn Champagne King, will be performed in a very funky and different fundraiser– “funky” and “different” being the key words.

   The choir fundraiser, which is open to all members of the Pinewood community and other friends and families, is going to be held in Los Altos Hills in one of Pinewood’s family’s homes, the Ellis’s, on Feb. 26 at 7:30 p.m. This year, the choir will be performing songs with a ‘70s funk music theme, a type of music theme that most Pinewood students have never experienced before, with one or two A Capella songs thrown in.

   “We’ve definitely never sang funk music before…I think most of us are used to singing regular pop music or classical music,” sophomore Nicole Yeh said.

   Learning new songs, especially ones with a different feel and beats, requires a lot of practice and hardwork.

   “It’s kinda like learning a new musical language for them,” Performing Arts chair Katie Linza said. “We watched a video in class to learn about funk music and talk about it a lot.”

   Both Linza and senior Maddie Wheatley describe ‘70s funk as great dance music.    

   “[Funk music] is a much harder groove, it’s a very driving groove, [and] it’s a much more aggressive groove than rock ‘n roll and R&B music have been in the past,” Linza said.   

   To make the songs even more funky, the choir is actually bringing in a band called One Nation, an Oakland-based nine-piece professional funk and soul ensemble.

    Because the fundraiser is going to be a combination of the choir singing with the band and the band doing their own songs as well, even more practice is going to be added to the mix.

   “We practice a lot with our groups, [and] we have to meet with the band on a Saturday two times,” Wheatley said.

   Also, although this is a choir fundraiser, a ‘70s dance instruction with dance teacher Carrie. Davis, ‘70s trivia, food and drinks, and other ‘70s- themed activities will be included.

   All the money raised from this fundraiser goes towards the scholarship fund for the choirs’ Europe and Disneyland trips.

   “We don’t want money to be an issue. We want to send everybody to Europe [and Disneyland] because it is a very wonderful experience,” Linza said.

   In more ways than one, this year’s choir fundraiser is going to be different from previous years.

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