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  Composer and performer Duncan Sheik’s visit was a huge deal for the musical community at Pinewood, one that seemed impossible to follow up. However, it was recently announced that London composer Stuart Brayson will be visiting Pinewood on March 5 to offer a unique chance to work with his songs, never performed before in the United States.

   Visual Performing Arts Department Chair Spencer Williams first connected with Brayson and his manager Tim Rice over Twitter, expressing his admiration for his musical “From Here to Eternity” back in 2013.

   Then on, they exchanged emails and discussed the possibility of Brayson coming to Pinewood to share his
music with the students. This is a huge opportunity for the Pinewood choir, as it is very rare to meet or get to work with a major composer like Brayson.

   “It’s very unusual to get a composer at any school, let alone getting a composer from London, and I’m really excited about it,” Williams said.

  The musical “From Here to Eternity” was widely acclaimed both by the theater community and by Pinewood students.

“[His musical] was actually a really great musical. I’m excited to be able to meet him,” sophomore Zarin Mohsenin said.

   Following the Duncan Sheik appearance last year, Brayson’s appearance at Pinewood offers yet another exciting and special occasion for students. Tickets, sold online on the Pinewood Performing Arts website, are $50, and the event includes both a cocktail hour and a performance.

  “Stuart had his musical recently premiered on the west end, which is basically the London equivalent of New York
broadway, which is pretty incredible. It’s an incredible
opportunity for us, the students of Pinewood Singers and Women’s Chorus to be able to sing his music. The fact that he’s so enthusiastic and willing to teach a bunch of high school students his west end premiered music says
something,” junior and choir president Katrina Hough said.