From The Boat To The Boardwalk


Staff Writer


  This year, ASB chose a new location for winter formal. The ASB council tried to think of new ways to spice the dance up and realized a fun and creative way to do that was to change the location to a place Pinewood’s Winter Formal has never been before. With an arcade and a rollercoaster, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was the perfect location for Winter Formal 2019.

  “We decided to change the formal location from the boat to the boardwalk because people were getting tired of the boat, and the boardwalk offered fun activities like the roller coaster and arcade,” ASB activities representative Sam King said.

  As four big buses rolled up to the building, a big marquee board, reading “Pinewood Winter Formal,” welcomed the Pinewood students and guests. The dance was held in a large ballroom adorned with string lights and covered in glass windows with a view of the ocean. An array of appetizers and main courses, including sliders, macaroni and cheese, and fries, were placed around the room with students crowding around it. Soon after, high school activities director Jackee Bruno announced that the roller coaster The Giant Dipper would be available to start riding on, and students eagerly rushed to get in line. An hour later, a group of students rushed to the arcade downstairs to play games, including mini golf and air hockey. As people were finishing with the arcade, more students started dancing and mosh pits started forming. At the end of the night, students left the boardwalk and loaded up the buses with smiling faces.

  Many students said they enjoyed the fun-filled night and were especially glad that The Giant Dipper was the ride that was available.

  “I really enjoyed riding the rollercoaster and being able to ride it multiple times, because usually during the day at the boardwalk, the line is so long,” sophomore Drew Mahlmeister said.

  Students appreciated the spaciousness of the ballroom. However, some people disliked that the arcade and roller coaster took away from the dance floor. As most people wanted to go participate in the activities, the dance floor cleared very quickly, leaving only a few people left to dance, but towards the end, the floor became full again.

  Overall, the high school community loved the change from the boat to the boardwalk and cannot wait to see what next year’s Winter Formal has in store.